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Ergonomics against stress in the office

Health problems due to stress

Often, for many people, stress begins with the ringing of the alarm clock in the morning. This then continues at work in the office.

Permanent stress can lead to considerable damage to health. The burn-out syndrome is only one consequence of permanent stress. Sometimes those affected are no longer able to complete even the simplest tasks. Long stays in hospital are often unavoidable. But even if the permanent stress does not lead to a burn-out syndrome, less serious problems can also limit the well-being. Headaches, insomnia, nervousness or stomach ulcers are just some of the illnesses that stress can trigger.

Ergonomics counteracts stress

It is best to specifically avoid stressful situations. Here, too, you should look at ergonomics and the question "what is ergonomics?". An ergonomically designed workplace does not just mean having an ergonomic chair and a height-adjustable desk. Although, of course, that is also part of ergonomics, just like an ergonomic keyboard and an ergonomic mouse. This enables pain-free working and prevents tension and back pain. But a pleasant working atmosphere is also part of ergonomics. Clear instructions from the boss and a workload that can be managed are important. With ergonomics in the workplace, there is much less stress, although temporary stress can never be avoided. However, it is nowhere near as damaging as permanent stress.

Ultimately, one's own attitude is also decisive for a stress-free everyday life. One should not expect too much of oneself and should sometimes leave things undone. It doesn't mean the end of the world, and there will always be time for it the next day. It is also advisable to do sports to compensate for work, such as yoga or other relaxation exercises.