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The natural urge to move

Anyone who works a lot in a sitting position knows the importance of a good office chair, or anyone who works in a standing position can certainly appreciate the qualities of an appropriate standing chair. But what is a good office chair in this context?

From an ergonomic point of view, an office chair is good for its owner if it allows and even demands intuitive, natural human movement. Because if you remain in a single or rigid position for too long, you quickly put one-sided strain on your back, spine, intervertebral discs and muscular system - and that leads to tension, back pain and, in the long run, chronic complaints and worse illnesses such as obesity and cardiovascular problems.

The ergonomic office chairs from Aeris such as Swopper, 3Dee or the active children's swivel chair Swoppster support people's natural urge to move. A central element here is the spring.

How important is a spring for three-dimensional movement?

Three-dimensional movement in this case means that the sitter can move freely, naturally and intuitively forwards, backwards, sideways and vertically. The office chairs from Aeris have spring-loaded 3D technology that not only allows movement forwards, backwards or sideways, but also enables vertical swinging, i.e. movement in the third dimension.

The vertical swing meets the innovative 3D movement element, which enables and even demands the changing seat positions and thus also the movement. It is responsible for the lateral deflection as well as the forward and backward tilt. This not only increases the Gripping space and action radius is increased, but in the same breath the muscles are trained, the back is strengthened and breathing deepens.

Since the swinging can be individually adjusted according to body weight and mobility, the intervertebral discs are relieved in any case, the blood circulation is promoted and the circulation is stimulated. An optimal oxygen supply is thus ensured.

Are all springs at Aeris the same?

The spring-loaded 3D technology is the same for all Aeris office chairs. However, since people are of different heights, weights or mobility and tastes can also differ, each chair is offered for different weight classes and with different features.

The Aeris Swoppster is a children's chair with a spring that is optimised for small people with a body weight between 15 and 50 kg. The seat cover is offered in four child-friendly colours from pink to green.

The suspension of the Aeris Swopper is available in two body weight classes: for 35 to 50 kg and for 50 to 120 kg. You can also choose between different seat heights and foot rings with or without castors. The Aeris Swopper is available with a microfibre seat, in the multi-layer version (Swopper Air) with breathable, pressure-regulating high-tech upholstery, or for those who simply do not want to do without a backrest, as the Aeris Swopper with backrest.

The range of Active Office office chairs Aeris 3Dee is similarly extensive. Here, too, you can choose between different seat heights, colours, seat covers and footrests. Unlike the Aeris Swopper, all Aeris 3Dee office chairs have an ergonomic backrest with adjustable lumbar support and adjustable reclining pressure.

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