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What is a flex zone?

The flexzone is a zone of a chair or an office chair that has a certain flexibility and thus not only enables comfortable sitting but also active sitting. Some of the Aeris chairs have this flex zone or the so-called and patented flexzone technology. These are specially developed, flexible seat plates with multi-zone foam that adapt individually to the body. This prevents pressure points and incorrect posture.

Does every chair have a flex zone?

No, not every chair has a flex zone. It is a technology developed and used by Aeris especially for the ergonomic office chair Aeris 3Dee and for the ergonomic active standing chair Aeris Muvman.

What does healthy sitting mean?

Healthy sitting or healthier sitting is usually sitting in motion. Human beings are born for movement. Even when sitting, he is inclined to move in all directions, to lean forward or backward and, if possible, to rock on the chair. Constant Change of posture happen in and of itself completely intuitive. However, most conventional office chairs do not allow for these intuitive movements and changing sitting positions. The consequences are often back pain and even permanent damage to the spine and painful slipped discs.

Now it is not the flexzone alone that makes moving sitting possible. The Swopper from Aeris , for example, does not have flexzone technology, but thanks to its patented 3D ergonomics it adapts to the sitter's every movement and follows his or her movements to the side, forwards, backwards and even vertically. The spring-loaded 3D technology of the Aeris Swopper is responsible for this.

The 3Dee from Aeris also offers a curved backrest. Not only can the backrest pressure be adjusted, the lumbar support is also individually adjustable and can be adapted to any back shape.

Healthy sitting even when standing with Flexzone

Many people work standing up, for example in the laboratory, in manufacturing professions or at reception. To relieve the back, legs and feet from standing for long periods of time, there are active-standing seats. The Muvman active standing seat from Aeris has such consistent ergonomics that it can counteract health impairments. It also features flexible seat technology and seat upholstery (flexzone technology) that yields to body pressure. Blood circulation has free rein and, on top of that, a pleasant sitting climate is guaranteed.

But it is not only the flex zone, but in the case of the Aeris Muvman also the patented muvzone that ensures health-promoting mobility. This is a movement joint in the foot plate of the standing chair. It automatically adapts to the user's movement when changing posture, which provides great freedom of movement.