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Convex seat

What does convex mean?

The term convex finds its origin in the Latin "convexus". It means curved, rounded, curved outwards and basically refers to the surface of a body. If a body has a convex curvature, this means that the body is wider or higher in the middle than at the outer edges.

What does convex mean in the context of a seat?

If a chair or seat is convex, it is also wider in the middle and narrower towards the sides of the seat, which suits the sitter in many ways. A convex seat (with appropriate padding) ensures that the thighs do not get pressure marks or that the angle between the thigh and lower leg is comfortable. It also gives the pelvis room to move. A conventional chair, without a convex shape, may have a seat depression that fixes the pelvis and significantly restricts mobility. Sitting for long periods of time and the one-sided strain caused by the fixation can damage the spine in the long run.

The convex seat is a classic example of the design guiding principle "form follows function". Sitting should not only be comfortable, but also healthy. In combination with intelligent technologies to support intuitive, natural movement, the convex seat meets all the requirements in this regard.

The advantages of a convex seat in combination with other innovative technologies can be well explained using concrete examples, in the following using the Aeris products 3Dee and Swopper.

3Dee from Aeris

The slightly convex shaped seat made of multi-zone comfort foam of the Aeris 3Dee is equipped with the so-called flexzone technology. This ensures optimal, individual adaptation to the sitter and thus maximum sitting comfort. Pressure points on the thighs are avoided. Underneath the seat column is the ball-bearing 3D movement joint, which encourages and demands movement and permanent posture changes. On top of that, the Aeris 3Dee allows lateral flexibility as well as a forward tilt that benefits the radius of the gripping space. The seated person always sits in an optimal posture in relation to the work surface, thereby exercising the muscles, strengthening the back and being able to breathe more deeply and freely.

Since not everyone is the same, the Aeris 3Dee is available in different options and can be customised in seat colour, foot ring and cover.

Swopper from Aeris

The seat of the Aeris Swopper is also convex - and here too, its flexible and adaptable seat is suitable for any body shape. In addition, it accommodates the sitter's personal need for movement, because the 3D movement element demands and encourages movement as well as changing sitting positions. The spring-loaded 3D technology also enables vertical swinging. This does not mean that the Aeris Swopper is unstable - on the contrary. The extremely tilt-resistant base provides the necessary stability, the 3D movement element the desired flexibility. Since people are not all the same size, the seat height can also be adjusted comfortably and individually for the optimum angle between hips and knees thanks to the height adjustment.

The Aeris Swopper is also available for different tastes (and office furnishings) in numerous seat colours and covers, different variants for the foot ring and with different spring stiffnesses depending on body weight.

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