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Musculature and movement

Muscles are the engine of our body. Muscles keep us moving and at the same time have a huge appetite for energy, even at rest. There is not a single movement that works without muscles

What the muscles can do

Muscles consist - similar to a fibre optic cable, which consists of individual wires that lie bundled next to each other and are sheathed by a protective layer - of muscle fibres that are covered by fascia. They are attached to bones via tendons at their ends and movement is created by contracting or releasing the muscles.

People who smile a lot move their facial muscles more than someone who goes down to the basement to laugh. So does someone who takes the stairs instead of just stepping into the lift. Even a mouse click sets a whole chain of muscles in motion. Nothing works without them! Humans have over 640 muscles. Some are short, others long, some fat, others thin. Together they form a perfect system. Like a machine, however, this system needs to be looked after and therefore moved. Otherwise it loses its strength. Muscles do not have an expiry date, but they become weak if they are not used. As soon as the body notices that the muscles are not being activated regularly, it tries to reduce them. So sooner or later, our muscles get it: muscle proteins are broken down and the muscles' energy stores are plundered. In the long run, the body shuts down smaller nerve and blood pathways that lead to the muscles. The metabolism runs on the back burner, little energy is burnt.

Is the office job eating up my muscles?

Yes, because sitting for so long - sometimes up to 9 hours a day - does not put enough strain on the muscles, which makes them weaker. And that has fatal consequences. The back muscles slacken, bad posture and back pain are pre-programmed. And the energy consumption of the muscles is also reduced by the lack of exercise. This slows down the metabolism and often leads to obesity.

That's why we should ensure as much movement as possible even in everyday office life: this can be the central printer, to which everyone has to walk a distance, or the walk during the lunch break, but also climbing the stairs in the morning and evening etc.

The office chair as a muscle trainer

Another approach is to look at the office furniture. Intelligent office furniture allows a lot of movement to be integrated into everyday sitting and this also keeps the muscles on their toes. Dynamic sitting is the magic word here. Office chairs such as the Swopper or the 3Dee from Aeris don't allow you to stand still at all and thus train your muscles as a side effect. How does that work exactly?

Real high-tech is hidden in the Aeris Swopper and the Aeris 3Dee. The 3D-flexible joint and the spring-loaded seat allow a lot of movement in three dimensions: vertically, to the side, forwards and backwards. The chair thus reacts to the be-seater and adapts to his or her natural need for movement. As a result, you move twice as much as on conventional office chairs. And that is good for strengthening and circulating the muscles, especially the back muscles. The lateral flexibility and forward tilt when sitting on the Aeris Swopper or Aeris 3Dee also expands the Gripping spaceThey ensure an optimum posture in relation to the work surface and prevent incorrect posture.

The fact that the muscles are activated by the Three-dimensional sitting Many people notice that the muscles are activated by sitting in three dimensions, especially during the familiarisation phase. Many people notice a slight "pinching" or backache when they first sit. In fact, however, this is usually just a little muscle soreness. So it's a good sign: Muscles that were previously cold are just waking up again. The best thing you can do then is: swing properly in all directions.

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