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What is Nucleus?

The term nucleus is Latin and translated into German means core, but is also written nucleus in German. Basically, it refers to the nucleus of an object (or group). In this article, nucleus is considered with regard to human anatomy.

The central nervous system

Our central nervous system (CNS) is nothing more than a collection of nerve cell bodies (somata or perikarya). Scientifically, this is called the nucleus, nucleus or nuclear area. Even if it is not recognisable to the layman, the nuclei in the individual brain areas can be easily distinguished from one another. A distinction is made between the nuclei (which is the plural of nucleus) in the end brain, diencephalon, midbrain and afterbrain, as the cell nuclei behave and group differently here in each case.

What are nucleus pulposus and nucleus pulposus prolapse?

What is called prolapsus nuclei pulposi in Latin is familiar to most people as a herniated disc. To derive the term, one must know that an intervertebral disc consists of a gelatinous nucleus (nucleus pulposus) and a fibrous ring (annulus fibrosus). The Intervertebral disc - nucleus with ring - looks like a small disc and is very elastic when healthy. It now functions as a shock absorber between the vertebrae.

If the disc wears out and loses elasticity, the fibrous ring becomes porous and brittle. If the load is too high, the soft gelatinous core is pressed through the fibrous ring. This is called "prolapse", because the intervertebral disc literally falls forward.

What is the difference between prolapse and protrusion?

Disc bulging or protrusion is a sign of wear and tear. In this case, however, there is no rupture of the outer fibrous ring, the fibrous ring is merely bulged by the soft core of the intervertebral disc. Both the herniated disc and the protrusion of the disc are manifested by severe pain, often radiating into the extremities.

Prevention of nucleus pulposus prolapse and nucleus pulposus protrusion

Herniated discs are often the result of poorly developed back and abdominal muscles due to lack of exercise. The fact is that well over 60 per cent of employees hardly move an hour a day due to time constraints. In this case, active seats from Aeris such as the Swopper or the 3Dee. Their patented 3D technology encourages and demands natural movement in all directions - forwards, backwards, sideways, vertically. On the one hand, this relieves the intervertebral discs, on the other hand, it supports the development of abdominal and back muscles and can thus counteract back complaints.

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