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Sitting correctly at work

Ergonomic office furniture

The back hurts, the eyes look blurry, the arms move with difficulty. These are the consequences of the wrong office equipment that many people feel. Employers should realize that it is not worth saving at the wrong end. Ergonomic office equipment is not that expensive and many improvement measures cost nothing at all.

How do I sit properly?

For example, physiotherapist Michal Lierke from Schwalbach am Taunus says that the height of the monitor is crucial for pain-free working. So that the neck muscles are not constantly strained, the eyes should be set at 30 degrees downwards. You can adjust this setting without a protractor. You just have to sit up straight and close your eyes and open them again. The screen should be positioned where the gaze falls first. The best position for the screen is 50 cm from the head, whereas the keyboard can be close to the body. The rule here is that the further you have to stretch your arms towards the keyboard, the more tense your body becomes. In addition, the upper arm and forearm should form a right angle when typing. Gel pads are available for this purpose, which can be placed underneath to protect the joints, especially the wrists.

Another important aspect of ergonomic work at the workplace is to provide enough space for the legs. In order to protect the back, hips and legs, a lot of thought is often required. The legs should have enough space under the table surface. Sitting for long periods of time is unnatural for a human being anyway, so an ergonomic office chair chair should not only be adjustable in height and at the backrest, but should be completely dynamic.