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Ergonomics and backrest

Anyone who works a lot while sitting knows how important it is to have the right chair. After all, sitting should not and must not lead to Bad postures and lead to possible health problems. It is a personal decision whether the sitter prefers a chair with a backrest, for example a 3Dee from Aeris, or one without, for example the Swopper from Aeris.

Those who prefer the backrest are spoilt for choice - even with (ergonomic) office chairs. In all cases, whether upholstered or with mesh covering, the backrest must be ergonomically adapted or adaptable to the shape of the back. This is not always the case, even with upholstered chairs with a standard back according to DIN regulations. After all, every back is different!

The backrest of an ergonomic office chair also has an active lumbar support. Lumbar support, preferably an active lumbar support, which supports the lumbar region more or less strongly depending on the pressure of the upper body against the backrest. The height of the backrest should be chosen so that it reaches up to (or above) the shoulder blades.

Backrest and synchronous mechanism

Today, synchronous mechanism and seat tilt adjustment are a matter of course and a prerequisite for ergonomic office chairs. With the synchronous mechanism, the backrest is coupled with the seat in such a way that the seat tilts less than the backrest under load. This ensures that the angle between the upper body and the thigh increases when leaning back. The joints move, the body stretches, blood circulation is facilitated and the support point of the pelvis is maintained. There is also the so-called asynchronous mechanism, in which the backrest and seat surface are completely decoupled, allowing the angle of inclination of the backrest and seat surface to be individually and thus customised.

Dynamic sitting and backrest

The term dynamic sitting or active-dynamic sitting is now also mentioned a lot, especially when it comes to alleviating or preventing back pain. In dynamic sitting, the sitting position and posture are constantly changed and readjusted. This is only possible with movable seat surfaces and backrests. The innovative office chair 3Dee from Aeris offers exactly that, because it is uncompromisingly oriented to the natural biomechanics of the human body and ensures a healthy sitting posture. Thanks to the patented 3D technology natural movements in three dimensions - forward/backward, sideways, vertical - are made possible. In addition, the ergonomically curved backrest provides comfortable support and at no time restricts freedom of movement. And the adaptive lumbar curve can be flexibly adjusted to the sitter's body. Overall, the technology of the Aeris 3Dee surpasses the synchronous mechanism with a greater variety of possible spontaneous seat variations in the room dimensions.

The right backrest for your home

Even dining room chairs, lounge chairs or Conference chairs have backrests. There are no ergonomic regulations here, but there are certainly recommendations. After all, why should you only sit comfortably for longer on an office chair because it moves? The Oyo from Aeris offers a completely new seating concept - frequent changes of position are almost obligatory, because it is possible to sit dynamically leaning, rocking, sideways or upside down. It's comfortable and fun. This is made possible by the plastic shell, which is a combination of saddle seat and bucket seat, and the frame, which is designed like that of a cantilever chair.

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