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Article Dec 21

New Aeris brand campaign: provocative wake-up call!

Our Europe-wide campaign in a new language and design style sends a clear signal for more movement

Almost two years after our relaunch, we are now going one better at Aeris and sending a clear signal for a healthier life in motion - especially when sitting! How and why we do it? We'll show you here.

About two years have passed, since we turned everything upside down at Aeris and reinvented ourselves with the relaunch. But of course that is still not enough to bring our vision of a healthier life in motion to the world. So what is the new Aeris brand campaign like? Pointed and provocative! Why are we doing this? To shake things up!

Because: back pain, civilisation diseases and very little exercise are part of everyday life for many people. We are fighting these problems!

Provocative questions with the right answers

With the right answers to provocative questions, the new Aeris brand campaign shows the links between lack of exercise and back pain, laziness, bad moods and lousy performance at work. Like this, for example:

  • As a child, I could never sit still. Today I can. I can hardly get up from my chair.
  • If sitting is the new smoking, we are what has yet to be invented for smokers....
  • Follow a movement now! That of your body
  • Your child can't sit still? That's it!
  • Do you know for whom the meeting was suboptimal? For your metabolism!
  • Why is it called flexible working hours if you never move?

First insights: This is the new Aeris brand campaign

Of course, we are shaking people awake on all channels - online, print, in the trade and on social media - and all over Europe. Take a first look at what's coming...

Aeris Brand Campaign 2022. International Out of Home Advertising.

Aeris Fire Campaign 2022. Large Out of Home poster on building.

Aeris Brand Campaign 2022. Social Media Post.

Aeris Brand campaign 2022. Out of Home advertising in the underground.

Article Oct 20

Home office as a cause of headaches and back pain

DACH study shows: Home office causes health problems such as back pain or headaches for two out of three employees.

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Article Sep 20

A billion-dollar partnership: Google and the Aeris Swopper

When Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed the test version of Google on the Aeris Swopper.

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Article Sep 21

5 things to recognise a good ergonomic office chair

What actually makes a good ergonomic office chair? Good question. The following 5 tips will show you what to look out for.

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