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Jan 24

Office chair match: discover your perfect Aeris office chair

Aeris has a clear mission: Never just sit. With our chairs, we want to create movement exactly where you need it most - while sitting. All Aeris office chairs follow this guiding principle and allow plenty of movement and flexibility at work.

We all need exercise - but we all need it a little differently. That's why there are in the world of Aeris office chairs, there is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach. Every model - Aeris Swopper, Aeris 3Dee or Aeris Numo Task - offers a unique combination of function, comfort and style. Your choice depends on your individual needs: whether you are looking for maximum dynamism at your desk, want to work long hours in concentration or your focus is on design.

Here we show you the special features of each Aeris office chair to help you choose the perfect office chair for you.

Aeris Swopper: Legendary dynamic all-rounder

Let's start with the Aeris icon: the Aeris Swopper. It is the pioneer of active sitting. Thanks to its 3D technology and the absence of a backrest, this office stool is designed to give you maximum freedom of movement while keeping your back straight - all by itself.

The effective up and down movement - the vertical swinging or "swopping" - has the same effect on the body as light walking. This nourishes and relieves intervertebral discs. Thanks to the joint close to the floor, the Aeris Swopper follows your intuitive movements in all directions. This stimulates your circulation and metabolism. You feel fitter and more alert after a day on the Aeris Swopper. Instead of a backrest, your own muscles support your back.

The convex seat promotes an upright posture and prevents the seat edges from pressing against the thighs.

Man sits on ergonomic office chair Aeris Swopper The Aeris Swopper promotes maximum movement at the workplace.

Thanks to the four different spring strut variants Standard, Low, High and Light as well as 55 cover and color variants, you can adapt the Aeris Swopper to your individual needs.

Aeris also has a specially designed product for particularly soft seating comfort: the Aeris Swopper Air with particularly breathable, pressure-regulating high-tech upholstery and five functional layers.

With its unmistakable design, the Aeris Swopper can be used in both the modern office and the home office. If necessary, you can simply push it under your desk after work to save space.

Conclusion: The Aeris Swopper is the perfect choice for movement enthusiasts who are looking for maximum freedom of movement and want to do without a backrest. Its unique design with the unmistakable seat support adds a special touch to any office or home office.

Aeris Numo Task - Stylish lightness for modern office environments

The Aeris Numo Task was developed specifically for the special challenges of the modern working world. It fulfills the highest office ergonomics requirements and at the same time meets high design standards for the home.

The chair's design was awarded the Red Dot Award 2022, one of the most prestigious design prizes in the world. No wonder, as the chair clearly stands out visually from other office chairs. Its delicate and modern design blends harmoniously into any setting. Particularly charming: the seat covers are made from 98 percent recycled polyester. They are available in many different colors.

But the chair doesn't just have a lot to offer visually. The patented Self Adjusting Motion Element (SAM) in the base, specially developed for the Aeris Numo Task , and the kinematics underneath the seat shell ensure a unique sitting experience. Together, the two technologies enable easy movements forwards, backwards and sideways - all while seated. The "SAM" is integrated in both the version with spring strut and the version with column.

ergonomic office chairs Aeris Numo Task  spring strut and Aeris Numo Task  column in many bright colors The Aeris Numo Task with column and Aeris Numo Task with strut are available in many different colors.

Want even more movement? In the version with a suspension leg, the Aeris Numo Task offers the option of swinging vertically. This up and down movement while sitting relieves pressure on the intervertebral discs and stimulates blood circulation. Thanks to its innovative technology, the Aeris Numo Task gives you the feeling of sitting on cloud nine.

The optionally retrofittable and easy-to-fit back cushion provides support and even more comfort without restricting movement. The integrated lumbar support supports and relieves the lumbar region and prevents incorrect posture.

Conclusion: The Aeris Numo Task is ideal for you if you value stylish design but don't want to compromise on ergonomics. When you bring the minimalist, lightweight hybrid chair Aeris Numo Task into your office and/or home office, you automatically import a high level of ergonomics into your furnishings.

Aeris 3Dee - Perfect ergonomics for long-term comfort

A chair that promotes concentration, strengthens the back muscles and allows full freedom of movement despite the backrest? The Aeris 3Dee can do all of this.

The Aeris 3Dee also features the unique Aeris 3D technology. Thanks to this, you can move forwards and backwards, to all sides and up and down with the Aeris 3Dee. This keeps you active throughout the day and all organs - including the brain - are better supplied. As the entire upper body is always moving, the back remains straight as a matter of course.

Office with ergonomic office chair Aeris 3Dee The Aeris 3Dee with backrest offers maximum seating comfort without restricting mobility.

The office chair also offers a classic backrest. The half-height backrest with lumbar support, slat technology and its physiologically shaped backrest cushion can be adjusted continuously and provides support without restricting movement. The adjustable lumbar support and flexible backrest make the Aeris 3Dee the ideal companion if you spend many hours concentrating in the office.

Conclusion: The Aeris 3Dee focuses on maximum seating comfort and optimum ergonomics. This office chair is an eye-catcher and a feel-good chair par excellence in your office.

Aeris Office chairs - your style, your health, your performance!

Your lifestyle, your way of working: Aeris Swopper, Aeris Numo Task or Aeris 3Dee are not just pieces of furniture, but a seamless integration into your world. And no matter which chair you choose, with a Aeris office chair you are always investing in your health and well-being.

Graphic comparison of the Aeris office chairs Aeris Swopper Aeris Numo Task  and Aeris 3Dee

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