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Article Jul 23

The advantages of the Aeris Swopper: A sports physician about more health while sitting

Here you can find out how Dr. Bernd Reinhard, former orthopedist, sports physician, spa doctor and chirotherapist in Bad Aibling was one of the first to evaluate dynamic sitting on the Aeris Swopper:

The Aeris Swopper serves to prevent and treat back pain by providing plenty of movement for the entire body in everyday office life. The office furniture industry advocates dynamic sitting, but essentially understands it as the mobility of the backrest dynamically following the back.

However, this "dynamic" is not sufficient for the healthy maintenance of the spine, because intervertebral discs and vertebral joints, ligaments and muscles, and also the nervous system require constant and varied stress for their existence. The change from "rigid" sitting to "dynamic" sitting is achieved in part by the fact that the Aeris Swopper has no backrest. It also allows movement in three dimensions. The Aeris Swopper allows up and down movement (vertical sway), horizontal movement to the side, and forward tilt.

 Strengthening muscles and back through dynamic sitting on the Aeris Swopper

When sitting dynamically on the Aeris Swopper, practically sitting on a ball is safely implemented. Through these mobile properties of the seating device, the following effect is continuously achieved from a medical point of view:

1. the intervertebral discs (mostly 23!) are trained by vertical loading and unloading, sitting in the body plumb with unstable muscular balance of the pelvis guarantees the physiological spinal shape, the double-S-shape. In this double-S-shape, the intervertebral discs are loaded over a wide area with migrating pressure loads and not unilaterally, as is the case when sitting with a rounded back, for example.

2. the muscles of the back will be strengthened when sitting on the "Aeris Swopper" can continuously tense and relax. This has the advantage that dynamically working muscles tire less quickly, are better supplied with blood and are better purified. In contrast, static sitting - albeit in an upright position - causes premature fatigue of the postural muscles. The nervous control system is also kept "alive" in this way, as neuromuscular reflex activity dries up when sitting with little movement.

3. sitting on the "Aeris Swopper" can only be beneficial for the entire musculoskeletal system, because this not only trains the spine itself with its supporting, load-bearing and moving structures, but also moves the joints, hip joints, knee joints, ankle joints at the same time.

 Dynamic sitting on the Aeris Swopper

Tip: It is to be expected that the untrained user, when sitting without a backrest, will initially feel the strain and stress on his own muscles, but that a training effect will occur after a certain time. It is advisable to "get used to" the chair with a one to two hour exercise phase. The period of use should then be extended to several hours of sitting in the following 4 to 6 weeks.


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