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What is the cycle?

What is called the circulatory system for short is correctly called the cardiovascular system or blood circulation system. This is the body's approximately 100,000 km long transport system that uses the blood to bring nutrients and oxygen to the body's cells and to remove metabolic products.

What do we mean by circulatory problems - and where do they come from?

The term circulatory problem or cardiovascular complaint summarises all complaints that have to do with the Circulation and the heart. These include dizzy spells, water retention in the arms or legs, irregular pulse, great weakness in performance, shortness of breath and shortness of breath. Frequently, heart and circulatory problems have their origin in heart failure (cardiac insufficiency) as a result of other diseases such as too high/too low blood pressure, malformed heart valves, inflammation of the heart muscle, damage to the heart muscle due to inflammation or even a heart attack. But other organic causes such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, anaemia or cardiac arrhythmia can also lead to cardiac insufficiency and thus to circulatory problems.

What are cardiac arrhythmias?

The heartbeat is controlled by the sinus node, a small area in the atrium of the heart that generates electrical impulses for the heartbeat. If this sinus node does not generate or transmit impulses properly, the heart can get out of balance, it "stumbles", it beats too slowly or beats too fast. Cardiac arrhythmias can have many causes, such as stress, but also diseases. If they persist for a long time, treatment should be considered, as persistent cardiac arrhythmias can also develop into heart failure in the long run.

Arteriosclerosis and the consequences

Deposits can cause the arteries to narrow, this is called arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. The risk of these deposits increases with a high-fat diet and lack of exercise, but can also occur due to age. In all cases, arteriosclerosis also affects the circulatory system and can lead to serious diseases. Calcification causes the blood vessels to become narrower, the blood can no longer flow freely and oxygen can no longer be transported sufficiently. Congestion can occur, especially at the branches of the blood vessels. In the worst case, a small clot of blood platelets forms and a heart attack is imminent. Depending on where in the body the dangerous clot forms (coronary arteries, carotid artery, head), it can lead to a heart attack, trigger a stroke or even restrict kidney functions.

Prevent cardiovascular problems

For those who want to get the circulation going in the morning, hot and cold alternating showers or the application of dry brush massages are recommended. Those who tend to have low blood pressure can put their legs up from time to time, stand on their toes several times a day and possibly drink a well-salted broth from time to time. And provided there is no heart failure, drink enough, especially in summer.

The means of choice for stabilising the heart and circulation and for preventing circulatory diseases is and remains regular exercise. Especially those who work a lot in a seated position should make sure they have sufficient opportunities for movement. To support this, you can use an ergonomic office chair that promotes three-dimensional movement such as a Swopper from Aeris.

What to do if you have circulation problems?

In the case of acute circulatory weakness, it helps to lie down with the legs higher than the head. If there are no serious causes, the symptoms such as dizziness usually improve quickly. If the dizziness persists or even unconsciousness follows, a doctor should be called.

And as a general rule, anyone who frequently suffers from low blood pressure or high blood pressure should clarify the causes with their doctor and discuss possible therapies.

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