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Back pain

The widespread disease of back pain

Back pain has become the "widespread disease" of our society. Around 80 percent of people experience back pain at least once in their lives. While in most cases the symptoms disappear within six to eight weeks, eight to ten percent of those affected develop chronic pain that sometimes lasts a lifetime. There is a lot you can do against back pain. In the best case, preventively, before the pain occurs. But even if the first signs are already there, it is not too late to become active immediately.

Back pain causes the most absences from work due to illness and thus causes economic damage that costs the German economy alone almost 55 billion euros every year. Almost as a logical consequence, a broken spine is given as the reason for every second application for early retirement.

(Source: Prof. Dr. Dietrich Grönemeyer, Mein Rückenbuch, Verlag Zabert Sandmann, 2004)

Where does back pain come from?

The causes of back pain are as varied as its severity. Stress, lack of exercise, bad posture, Overweightpoor diet, genetic disposition are some of the factors that influence back pain. However, the main culprit is lack of exercise, which is due to our "sedentary lifestyle", medical experts agree. Because:

  • In the course of a working life, we sit for around 80,000 hours.
  • Office workers spend around 85% of their working day sitting.
  • When sitting straight, 90 kg press on the spine, when leaning forward 170 kg.
  • 80% of chronic back pain is due to neglect of the back muscles.

Lack of exercise and the side effects for the back

At the desk, in the car and in the evening on the couch. We sit too much! And that has serious consequences - especially for the back. A living organism has to keep moving in order to function. A permanent lack of movement and persistent incorrect loading lead to the supporting trunk musculature gradually degenerating and the intervertebral disc no longer being able to adequately absorb the shocks caused by daily movements. So we need to move more again. An important resolution for a healthy back, but one that often fails due to lack of time and motivation.

Integrate exercise easily into everyday life

"Active, moving sitting" with this seemingly simple solution Aeris brings movement into everyday sitting. A unique 3D technology challenges and encourages intuitive movements while sitting. Lateral flexibility and forward tilt train the back muscles, while frequent posture changes ensure optimal sitting positions. Dynamic sitting on the Swopper or 3Dee active chairs from Aeris allows so much movement in all directions. This relieves the back and trains tendons and muscles. The best conditions for a strong, healthy back. Anyone who "sits in motion" has already done a lot for their back. Without stressful operations, without expensive cures, without medication and without side effects - but with a clearly noticeable feel-good effect.

"Germany has its back

Back pain is now the most common cause of sick leave. They are responsible for every tenth day of absence in Germany. Affected persons are absent up to 17.5 days per year. Seen in this light, back pain has long ceased to be an individual problem. It costs companies billions every year and also has an economic significance for society. It is high time that not only each individual becomes active for a strong back, but also companies must face up to their responsibility. Through health management and above all by creating a back-friendly workplace that allows movement even when sitting.