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Intuitive movement

What does intuitive movement mean?

To explain intuitive movement, one must first explain the term "intuitive" or "intuition". Intuition is also described as sensation or as the ability to make decisions in the broadest sense of the word without having to consciously think about it. If a person acts on the basis of an intuition - or intuitively - he or she does not have to think about it for a long time, but feels that this action is right without having to explain it or even being able to do so. If this is a movement, it is called an intuitive movement.

What we find completely normal and natural from a certain age - walking, grasping, turning etc. - toddlers have to learn laboriously. This means that intuitive movement also has to be developed or learned first.

From hand eye coordination to intuitive movement

The correct cooperation or rather the interaction of individual Muscles and body parts is achieved through coordination. If the eye is involved, as in grasping, we speak of eye-hand coordination. This is essential for the intuitive control of the body. It doesn't matter whether it's for eating, walking, running or even sitting.

Even if we don't usually have major problems with coordination between the eye and the body, there are cases where it makes sense to improve it with exercises. For example, children often go to occupational therapy to learn to write better. Especially in a world that is becoming more and more hectic, it makes perfect sense to train body, mind, consciousness - and thus the control of the body as well as gesture control. Because what is well practised also happens intuitively at some point. This applies to the control of one's own body as well as to the intuitive operation of machines, for example.

Why is intuition important?

Our lives are becoming more hectic. For many, everyday life is characterised by work, deadline pressure and stress. We work too much and eat too unhealthily. In fact, we do reach our limits from time to time - at the latest when our bodies start to call out, we have to take the signals seriously. It starts with little things, for example sitting in the office.

If one no longer has the calmness to carry out actions, deeds or Movements If one no longer has the calmness to carry out actions, deeds or intuitive actions, sooner or later tensions of a psychological and physical nature will arise with the corresponding consequential complaints.

Which exercises are good for intuitive movement?

Those who deal with this topic can already feel in their own bodies where they have become careless over the years - and indeed that this carelessness can lead to blockages. Incidentally, the most frequent blockages occur in the back and manifest themselves in the form of Back complaints and pain.

Nowadays there are a variety of ways to improve one's intuition. This can be the training of mindfulness, with the aim of raising awareness. But it can also be the practical exercises of a physical nature to strengthen muscles and thus the skeleton. Of course, it is easiest and healthiest if the exercises are not perceived as exercises, but are integrated into the natural daily routine. For example, if you use one of the ergonomic office chairs from Aeris, such as the 3D Active Seats Aeris Swopper or Aeris 3Dee, moves intuitively, as this seating furniture not only promotes intuitive movement, but also challenges it thanks to sophisticated 3D technology. This way, you can experience on your own body how movements happen intuitively.

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