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Ergonomics for children

Ergonomics is not just a topic for adults

Ergonomics for children is an important topic that is often misunderstood. From the day they start school, children have to sit still for hours on end, usually on very uncomfortable chairs. All too often we forget what we are putting our children through. If the Office chairs are now almost all individually adjustable, this is a rarity when it comes to chairs at school. However, schoolchildren spend an average of ten hours a day sitting. And that doesn't just mean sitting at school; they also have to sit at home when doing their homework. For children, sitting for long periods of time combined with a lack of movement is particularly harmful to their health. Their spine is still growing and very flexible. Permanent bad posture can lead to a deformation of the spine. Later permanent complaints are then pre-programmed.

Prevent back pain in children

Although international experts give the facilities at school a failing grade, little is still being done about it. If the conditions in school are not changed, then at least attention should be paid to alternating between sitting and standing. Teachers could also incorporate short gymnastic exercises between lessons. This is not only beneficial to health, but also increases attention and concentration. The body is not made for sitting for long periods of time, this affects both children and adults. However, children suffer more, especially if they have to sit on rigid, hard chairs. More and more children complain of back pain and headaches. Sports and activities can work wonders and greatly improve the quality of life. An active life combined with a healthy diet is extremely important for children because they are still developing and the consequences often do not become apparent until much later.