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Mar 24

Our Instagram graphic design contest

We suspected that our amazing Instagram community was creative, but the result of our very first graphic design contest blew even us away!

At the beginning of November, we called on all amateur creatives and professional graphic designers to play with our iconic furniture silhouettes and use them to create illustrations or graphics. Participants had a total of 6 weeks to give free rein to their creativity and my goodness, the results are impressive!

But see for yourself:

Graphic designs submitted by the five participants Design 1: @donjelio
Design 2: @agnesreczi
Design 3: @mischakoop
Design 4: @martinjosefstraif
Design 5: @agnesreczi
Design 6: @czsgraphic

The total of 6 designs from 5 Instagram users were presented to the Instagram community after the closing date. Who gives us the right to decide which design should be the winner of the competition! So the community voted on it themselves.

After the community vote, the lucky winners were chosen and received various Aeris furniture as prizes:

On 1st place Martin Straif (Instagram: @martinjosefstraif) made it with his design in red, blue and white. The 26-year-old is an art director and owner of the northlight creative agency in Innsbruck. For him, there is inspiration in every topic if you look at it hard enough. When creating, he attaches great importance to reduced work with clear forms and well thought-out color concepts. In addition to his design work, he enjoys being out and about in the mountains in his home country - on skis, by bike or on foot. He also spends a lot of his time volunteering as a trainer and juror at the international professional championships - WorldSkills.

Design by Martin Straif

Martin was able to configure a Aeris Active Desk according to his wishes and choose a Aeris office chair. He opted for the height-adjustable desk with frame and table top in black. He also chose a 3Dee with a standard spring leg, black base frame and black leather upholstery to match.

We asked him about his inspiration, his design process and the result:

What inspired you to take part in the design contest?
As a designer, I was particularly attracted by the open assignment. Designing my pictures here was a nice change from traditional client work and I was able to work as I wanted.

What inspired you to create your design?
A closer look at the products from Aeris led me to my solution. Showing all the silhouettes felt too commercial from the start, I didn't see the point. In the process, I discovered the beauty of the details instead.

Tell us a bit more about the process and the result.
The development was characterized by a preoccupation with furniture shapes. Elements that seem obvious at first glance take on a completely different value at some point. The interplay of many of these small beauties and the reduction to silhouettes makes the detailed work that goes into the products tangible.

What was your biggest challenge and how did you solve it?
The difficulty of the task was certainly to give a commercial product an artistic value that goes beyond its functionality. Nevertheless, I wanted to design something that was still "on brand" somewhere - in other words, that incorporated the values of the Aeris brand. The color scheme was certainly the tool that could unite these two sides for me.

What do you like about the Aeris furniture and what do you think of your win?
I think the Aeris furniture is simply beautiful. I spend a lot of time at my desk and therefore attach great importance to the aesthetics in my office. Nevertheless, I rarely sit still when I'm brainstorming or developing ideas. The Aeris furniture is the perfect basis for my way of working - so I'm very happy about the new upgrade for my workplace.

On 2nd place the design by Mischa Koop (Instagram: @mischakoop) was chosen by our Instagram community, which was strongly inspired by the clear form of our logo. In his designs, he combined the logo, the fabrics and silhouettes of the products as well as photos into playful collages. He then searched for exciting compositions within the surface by dividing it into squares and rectangles.

Design by Mischa Koop

The 36-year-old art director and designer also loves working with digital and analog collages, which he also likes to animate. His day-to-day work is very varied: for example, he develops corporate designs or digital campaigns for brands and start-ups. But his commissions also include designing artwork or tour communication for bands and artists. Mischa finds inspiration in books, podcasts and, of course, online on Instagram or behance. He finds it particularly inspiring to rummage through record boxes and magazines at flea markets or second-hand stores.

Even when he is not working, his interests often have something to do with design. He enjoys taking photographs, especially when traveling with his family. He shares a love of Scandinavia and Danish mid-century furniture with his wife. He is also interested in skateboarding and graffiti culture.

His prize was an office chair individually configured to his needs. He opted for a Swopper with a black frame and seat cover.

3rd place is evidenced by the design of Cristina Dominguez Alves (Instagram: @czsgraphic). The work of the 26-year-old freelance junior designer is primarily influenced by Swiss minimalism, which is why she always strives for the most harmonious results possible. She has also done this with her Aeris design. She began by studying the shapes of the products and working out the essential features of the individual products and then translated these into filled silhouettes and contours that interact with each other. In this way, she playfully demonstrates the product features in terms of shape, the composition of the individual parts or the movement possibilities.

Design by Cristina Dominguez

Cristina finds it exciting to follow the work of other graphic designers on social media and is delighted when she discovers particularly innovative work or clever graphic solutions. When she's not creating graphics, she enjoys taking photos and drawing.

Your prize is a self-configured Active Desk with a white table frame and a height-adjustable table top in oak and white wood look.

Thanks to all participants and those of you who voted for your favorite design! We hope everyone continues to have fun expressing their creativity! You are fantastic!

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